is based in Dubai to maximize his suntan and minimize his taxes. As a Wealth & Private Banking investment strategist, Jacques has worked widely in the Gulf where he is a frequent commentator on investment trends. He recently served as the Chief Investment Officer at National Bonds Corporation (UAE) and is a former Head of Investment Funds for Global Investment House in Kuwait and was Managing Director for asset management at Unicorn Bank in Bahrain.

Prior to the lifting of banking secrecy, Jacques worked in Geneva as Chief Investment Officer and member of the Executive Committee of Banque Ferrier Lullin, a wholly owned subsidiary of UBS. There he acquired a taste for over-performing his CIO peers in terms of investments and took great pride at never breaking a bone while fantasizing skiing Jean-Claude Killy style. He also worked in London with the Citigroup Private Bank and as Head of the Asset Management Group in France and Southern Europe. Jacques also held the position of Head of International Investments at Prudential Financial in New York, position he left shortly after 9/11 for the hollow but safe mountains of Switzerland.

Jacques developed his Private Banking and Wealth Management knowledge within Citibank, UBS Banque Ferrier Lullin and at Prudential covering a wide spectrum of geographies and cultures from the US to the Far-East but more importantly in his tenure as member of the executive committee and CIO in the oldest private bank in Geneva.

Jacques has witnessed and survived the 1987-1989 stock market crashes, the Japanese asset bubble, the Asian Thai Baht crisis, the Tequila crisis, the Russian debt crisis, the Argentinian debt crisis, the Dot.Com crisis, the US sub-prime crisis, the global liquidity crisis and finally the Euro crisis. This has led to a healthy skepticism regarding risk and he now considers himself as a risk activist, advocating diversification in terms of asset and factor correlations and other risk parameters, our only remaining ring fencing capability now that all Wall Street windows have been sealed since the 1929 crisis.

Jacques hold an MBA from Pace University New York and a business degree fro ESLSCA-Paris, a top business school in France and a Civil and Commercial Law degree from the University of Bordeaux. His love affair with investment management goes back to his early childhood where he noticed that bankers wore sharp pin-stripped suits and worked 5 days out of 7. At least he was right on the first count.

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There is a propensity for investors to imagine investment patterns to repeat themselves through technical analysis or déjà–vu economic cycles. There is nothing comparable between a global credit crisis and an emerging market slowdown. It is difficult to say whether China will hard or soft land. There has been a steady decline in China’s growth…

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The American recovery is showing signs of sluggishness with home prices falling, consumer spending flat, and poor third quarter US company results. Most of the blame goes to China, which released a GDP expanded by only 6.9 and even that seemed inflated according to most economists. China has been struggling to transition its economy from…

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Win-Win deal is a cliché expression overused by businessman around the world. In my mind it is the equivalent of awesome for the younger generation. If analyzed it simply means that both parties found benefits in the agreement. The new deal is simply the perpetuation of the previous solution imposed by the Troika, which requiresmajor…

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Macroprudential policies or measures is a new hip discussion surrounding the dangers of inflated asset pricing as a result of zero interest rate and additional monetary easing. A leading group of financial executives have urged central banks to increase their munitions to fight the risk of financial instability (bubbles). Distorted Debate These executives include the…

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