The business world is a stormy sea, full of unpredictable currents, shoals and whirlpools. Every big deal begins with someone else telling you, “It will never work.”

Creating the world around us takes a conscious choice; it brings not only success in business, but also allows us to hold our heads high, manage our own lives and avoid losing ourselves.

People who take full responsibility for their decisions and actions acquire true freedom. That is why we’ve chosen to call the newest section of Schildershoven Blog “In free flight.” Where self-made men and women are able to talk about how they got to the top and the rules of life that helped them get there.
Like the seagull on the Schildershoven logo, such people are able to catch updrafts and are not afraid of descending, and understand cyclical changes. Their example inspires others to take the first step, and serves as a guide to those who are not afraid to go out alone in the storm and stay the course. Come fly with us!


Schildershoven Finance is a Dutch company. Its origins deeply influence its nature, especially in business, how it interacts with its customers and partners, and its view of the world. Ferenc Brewster Managing Director Ferenc Brewster chose to take a look at himself and his fellow countrymen and share what he found with our blog readers….

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Tyler Hawkins Sunshine (former Head of Investment Banking Division at IFC “Metropol” , now an Advisor at “INVASTA Capital”) will dispel your stereotypes of American investment bankers. He has no car or personal chef, though he possesses many other virtues. How many people in Moscow can really play both polo and piano and prepare a…

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A well-known Russian financier, Dmitry Evenko, the founder of Spectrum Partners hedge fund, speaks on importance of intuition in decision-making, why it is necessary to care about one’s native language, and what the future of the finance industry holds for us. Spoiler! The next interview will probably feature Dmitry Evenko as a writer, so stay tuned for…

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Andrey Podkolzin, founder and CEO of the channel OceanTV, tells the story of how he sailed from investments in real estate to launching his own television channel and how he has successfully developed a business he loves which is also profitable. On business, yachts and TV channels Schildershoven Finance: Andrey, you have managed to quietly…

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Success is not always measured by millions of dollars, for someone it is enough to find something meaningful that brings social values to life and keeps you (literally) on the move… Andrea Gamson, co-founder in Social Starters, knows this from her own unique experience. Conceived on Malta, born in UK, moved to Germany at five….

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How to earn your first million by age 30 and establish a reputation as the most beautiful and smart girl on the internet, be a happy mother and highly professional. Yes, it’s easy. Just don’t be boring and then everything is possible. A recipe for investing in yourself properly from Kate Marti About me Schildershoven…

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© by Google Maria Podlesnova, the head of the Rusbase project, provides a vivid example of someone who joyfully welcomes every new possibility that she finds along the way. Apparently, that’s why she turned out to be a kind of “godmother” of Russian startups. Her project is to create the most complete encyclopedia of life…

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